Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Design Portfolio: Website Development

Freelance Graphic Designer offering affordable web design services: 

$500-700 complete website includes custom graphic designed home page and website header, 5 pages (i.e. about, contact, gallery, etc...), email contact form, location map, social media links, and basic SEO (search engine optimization). Sites can be hosted through Adobe Creative Cloud and are HTML created. Client site management is an option after website creation as well.
I individually create each website to accurately reflect the company it represents through custom designed home pages, headers, backgrounds, and other website elements as needed. I pay special attention to making sure all of my websites flow nicely and are easy to navigate. Please email me for more information. I look forward to helping your business enter the exciting marketing world of the internet.

Below are some links to websites and/or blogspots I have created:


(business is now closed so site is not updated)

(customer chose free hosting through wix.com)

(a blogspot with custom designed header, all photography done by Sirena Design Studios)

I am currently working on 2 HTML created websites and will have their links up as soon as the sites are launched.

Design Portfolio: Print Advertising (Newspapers, Magazines, etc...)

click on image to enlarge

black and white 1/8 page ad featured in a Durango, Colorado newspaper

black and white small ad featured in a Telluride, Colorado newspaper

This ran as a 1/4 page ad in the Durango Telegraph,
an independent newspaper in soutwestern Colorado

Monday, April 23, 2012

Design Portfolio: Product Labeling

click image to enlarge

lront side of food product packaging/labeling for 
Tamales Especiales

   label for natural face and body cream

label for children's bodycare product

label for herbal balm

label for herbal balm

The front and back sides of a folded label for a
medical marijuana baked good company. 
Bowl and whisk logo was hand illustrated.

Design Portfolio: Various Marketing Material

click on image to enlarge

logo and rack card design for Tamales Especiales
All food photography was done by Sirena Design Studios as well

logo and rack card design for Mobile Detailing company

logo design and rack card for an outdoor video
camera rental company (front and back sides shown)

complete service menu for mobile detailing services

cover page for an Ecotour company leaflet

example of a hand illustrated image 
combined with design software graphics

custom designed background that incorporates natural
imagery in a contemporary fashion

Design Portfolio: Flyers and Event Announcements

click image to enlarge
Summer Concert Series Event Poster   
concert announcement for Durango Mountain Resort
Durango, Colorado

Management Dinner Invitation   
A .pdf image of this document was made 
and then emailed to the invitees

Artisan Event Flyer
A .jpg image of this flyer was made
so it could be used on social media
sites for event advertising

Music Event Flyer
The bottom was left intentionally blank so the musician could
handwrite in her various events and gigs. Hand drawn illustrations
were scanned and incorporated into this flyer.

                                       Piano Concert Event Announcement

Newspaper Advertisement
This ran as a 1/4 page ad in the Durango Telegraph,
an independent newspaper in soutwestern Colorado

Friday, April 20, 2012

Design Portfolio: Logos and Business Cards

Click on image to enlarge

logo and business card design 

logo and poster design for music school

logo and business card design for aesthetician

logo and business card design for hair stylist

logo design for organic children's bodycare company

logo, custom font, and business card for mobile
detailing company

logo design for an ecotour company

logo design for an alkalizing health supplement

logo design for herbal bodycare products

buisness card and logo design for handcrafted sewing company

logo design for youth outdoor adventure program

business card and logo design 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music Business Promotion

album cover artwork for music CD

          My fingers have graced the piano keys since I was 8 years old. Music is my medicine and my sanity. I DJ occasionally at the local college radio station and spend my free time listening and searching out the latest music to hit the scene. Lately, I had the opportunity to work with a prolific local musician and create his CD album insert, case graphics, and cover artwork. This design project resonated with my music aficionado self, and proved to be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. Born with a musicians sensitive ear, I worked to create artwork that visualized the sounds and style of this musician. 

CD insert featuring regional landscape imagery

        Music business promotion incorporates using visual artwork and marketing material 
to promote musicians in the industry. Upcoming concert flyers, website artwork, band logo and/or imagery, as well as CD album graphic work, are some of the examples of marketing material that those in the music business need. It is my intention to create a niche for myself as a music business promotion graphic designer. I welcome any questions and comments from musicians and bands who need these services.

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